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Opening Hours:
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We Have 10+ Years Of Experience In Green Energy

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Services We Offer

Solar Panels PV

Return on investment from solar panels are improving each time energy prices increase. The demand for solar PV is increasing as energy prices continue rising…

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Battery Storage

Investing in Battery Storage Systems is now worthwhile after the increase of energy prices. The average payback period for Solar PV with a Battery Storage System can be as short as 7 to 8 years.

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EV Charging Points

If you are installing Solar PV and Battery Storage System, then it’s worthwhile considering installing a quality EV charging point at the same time if you are thinking of buying an electric car or van.

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Domestic Electrical Installations

Including full house rewires, maintenance, fault-finding and other services.


About us

Over 34 years of experience in the electrical field. Das EFX began offering domestic rewiring and most recently expanded to offer services such as solar PV installations, battery storage systems and EV charging points.


DAS EFX Electrical certifies every job under the NAPIT competence person scheme (CPS) and Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), which is something we highly recommend when choosing a Solar PV installation company to install your green energy systems.

Advice & Guidance

DAS EFX Electrical will advise you on the optimum system size to suit your property and your budget.



Help Combat Climate Change

It’s Time to Go Green

With Energy Bills increasing in October 2022, January and April 2023 then forecast to continue increasing for the next three years, Renewables are the solution to help create more affordable energy helping you become more independent.With inflation currently around 12% forecast by some to exceed 20% Soon. The bank of England has estimated 15% inflation peak. No point leaving money in the bank you may as well invest in renewables like solar PV and battery storage you could receive a better return on investment.

Find out Das Efx Electrical can help you achieve your renewable energy goals

Solar PV has become an amazing investment opportunity with electricity bills forecast to reach 54p per kWh. The payback period is now as little as four to six years. It’s a good time to invest in solar PV. Solar PV installations are also increasing in cost due to all material, equipment’s and components rapidly rising. The sooner you invest in Solar PV the sooner you will start benefits. Renewable’s will help combat climate change long term making homes and businesses become more sustainable. Solar PV will generate free electric once the system has paid for itself. Life expectancy of solar panels is 35 – 45 years.

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